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Commercial Owner Title Policy

Optional Owner Policy Endorsements
Amend Survey Exception Endorsement (T-1)
Restrictions, Encroachments & Minerals Endorsement (T-19.1)
Restrictions, Encroachments & Minerals Endorsement (T-19.1) when issued w/ Amend Survey Exception Endorsement
Minerals and Surface Damage Endorsement (Residential that is one acre or less and Commercial) (T-19.2)
Note: Applies to 1-4 single family that is one acre or less, office, industrial, retail, mixed use retail/residential and multi-family
Minerals and Surface Damage Endorsement (Limited to property not covered by T-19.2) (T-19.3)
Note: Applies to all properties not covered by T-19.2
Access Endorsement (T-23)
Non-Imputation Endorsement (T-24)
Non-Imputation Endorsement (T-24.1)
Contiguity Endorsement (T-25)
Contiguity Endorsement (T-25.1)
Premium Total

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T = Insuring Form R = Rate Rule P = Procedural Rule

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