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For over 75 years, Rattikin Title has been committed to providing our clients with the most consistent quality and highest level of personal service—all while maintaining a tradition of integrity, service and excellence.

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Throughout our 75+ year history, Rattikin Title has remained one of the most respected independent title agencies in Texas. Despite growth through the years, the Rattikin family has remained visible in every aspect of the business. As a result, Rattikin Title has consistently maintained a tradition of integrity, service and excellence for three generations and counting.

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Our resource library is designed to be your go-to source for all things title insurance. Whether you need to calculate closing costs or need more information about title insurance in general, we have all the resources and tools you need to get to the closing table and beyond.

Rattikin Title Mortgage Cacluators

The Market's Story

Aug 17, 2022

The Market's Story, Part 1 (#40556)
• Why and how mortgage rates change
• How the Fed impacts the mortgage bond market and why it matters
• How to understand the three major economic reports that have the most impact on mortgage rates

The Market's Story, Part 2 (#40558)
• How to understand and illustrate the main supply and demand factors that impact house prices
• How to understand the demographic trends impacting house prices
• How to create more value when giving market updates to clients and strategic partners

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