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For over 70 years, Rattikin Title has been committed to providing our clients with the most consistent quality and highest level of personal service—all while maintaining a tradition of integrity, service and excellence.

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Throughout our 70+ year history, Rattikin Title has remained one of the most respected independent title agencies in Texas. Despite growth through the years, the Rattikin family has remained visible in every aspect of the business. As a result, Rattikin Title has consistently maintained a tradition of integrity, service and excellence for three generations and counting.

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Women's Self-Defense Course

Jul 18, 2018

Southlake Realtors! Join us for a Women's Self Defense Seminar. 


The seminar is broken up into three portions: psychological, standing, and ground. 

  • The psychological portion is how to stop an attack before it happens.
  • The standing portion covers how to get out of a situation while you are still on your feet.
  • The ground portion shows real life scenarios and how to escape if someone has you pinned to the ground.

The purpose of the Protect Your Neck Seminar is to give you tools that you can use immediately. It does not matter your strength, age, or athletic ability -- this seminar is helpful to all.


Q: I am a black belt, in (Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kung fu) do I need this class?

Yes. Years of martial arts drilling can aid you, but often times your training will fly out of the window. When you are under adrenal stress, you will lose motor skills, and temporarily forget moves that takes drilling and practice.

Q: I am really small and weak. Would I really be able to use the systems learned from the self defense seminar?

Yes. These systems are not based on being able to beat the attacker in a wrestling match. The goal is to use what you have naturally to escape: your voice, teeth, and hands focusing on primary and secondary targets.

Q: Are we going to do anything hands on, or will you just be presenting?

After the presentation the self defense seminar involves a role play.

Q: I believe I am too nervous to do the hands on portion of the self defense seminar, I don't think that I can do the class.

If you have an injury, pregnancy, or you are just scared out of your mind, you have the option to pass on the role play for sure. You will still learn just from observing. 90% of the time, people who initially pass on the roleplay in the beginning end up participating once they see how easy it is.

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